St. Petersburg State Capella Choir

Monday 8th October 2018, 7:30 PM
Slovak Philharmonic Concert Hall

St. Petersburg State Capella Choir


St. Petersburg State Capella Choir
Vladislav Chernushenko
– dirigent


Russian Choral and Sacred music
D. Bortniansky, G. Sviridov P. Česnokov, A. Archangelsky, and others
Arrangements of Russian folk songs

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St. Petersburg State Capella Choir began to write its history in 1479 as a choir of Russian deacons in Moscow. It became the first professional choir in Russia and cradle of Russian choral art. On the occasion of the establishment of the city of St. Petersburg as the new capital of the Russian empire by Peter the Great in 1703 the city on the Neva river became the seat of the choir. For entire generations the best Russian choirs followed the tradition of Capella. Its repertory embraces the masterpieces of Russian and European classical music, as well as Soviet and contemporary Russian composers.

In 1974 Vladislav Chernushenko became the Capella choirmaster. His conducting mastery follows the best traditions of Petersburg’s music school and is typical by the respect towards the authors’ writing, austerity, avoidance of outer effects and ability to impress not only the ears but also the hearts of the listeners.

Vladislav Chernushenko


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