Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

Saturday 2nd October 2021, 7:30 PM
Concert Hall of the Slovak Philharmonic

Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

We regret to inform you that the performance has been canceled due to COVID-19 Quarantine.
Please ask for ticket refund at Slovak Philharmonic Ticket office or to pick another concert.


Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
Slovak Philharmonic Choir
Ondrej Lenárd – conductor
Adam Sedlický – choirmaster
Eva Hornyáková – soprano
Terézia Kružliaková – mezzosoprano


Gustav Mahler – Symphony No. 2 Auferstehung

ADMISSION 30, 26 €      TICKETS     KZ*

* According to Public Health Authority Decree No. 241/2021: OTP – individuals fully vaccinated or tested (72 hours PCR test or 48 hour antigen test) or have recovered from Covid-19 in the past 180 days

‘The final movement of my Second Symphony is finished! It is the most important work I have ever composed. The closing gradation is colossal!’ Thus wrote Gustav Mahler to his friend Arnold Berliner in July 1894. Although it may seem that the work on it was quick, the five-movement symphonic colossus had been brough to existence unusually slowly, it took him years and much strength. The premiere in Berlin Philharmonic in March 1895 was not accepted by the audience and the critical responses were devastating. Today this monumental opus belongs to Mahler’s most representative works and conductors decide for it at the acme of their artistic career.
Since long ago Ondrej Lenárd, the doyen of our masters of the baton, has had a close relationship with Mahler’s music, and he is the guarantor of its authentic performance.

Ondrej LenárdEva HornyákováTerézia KružliakováAdam Sedlický