Slovak Cello Music

Sunday 29th September 2019, 4:00 PM
Small Hall of the Slovak Philharmonic

Slovak Cello Music


Boris Bohó – cello
Jozef Podhoranský – cello
Eugen Prochác – cello
Ján Slávik – cello
Ivan Gajan – piano
Iveta Sabová – piano


Ľudovít Rajter – Suite for Cello Solo No. 2
Milan Novák – Sonatine for cello and piano (Seaside Experiences)
Roman Berger – Allegro frenetico con reminiscenza for cello solo
Ladislav Kupkovič – Suite in D major for 2 cellos
Michal Vilec – Sonata for cello and piano No. 2, Op. 34
Pavol Šimai – Tack for cello quartet


From the outset of the 20th century the chamber music for cello became a fixed and popular
part of domestic compositional work. The captivation by the sound of this charming
instrument goes back to the cello sonata by Frico Kafenda, today a classical piece, through
Vilec’s second sonata, Ľudovít Rajter’s suite, Miloš Kořínek’s sonatina, pieces by Sixta, Salva,
Gahér, Bokes, Beneš, Berger, to the peak work of this genre in Slovakia, Vladimír Godár’s
Sonata in Memory of Viktor Shklovsky, which previously sounded at the BMF 2016. The
selection of cello works will sound today executed by our distinguished cellists. This concert
is a continuation of the successful project popular among the audience, within which we
have already presented works by Slovak composers for chamber ensembles (2016), piano
(BMF 2015, 2017) and violin (2018).

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