Quasars Ensemble

Saturday 29th September 2018, 4:00 PM
Slovak Philharmonic Small Hall

Quasars Ensemble


Quasars Ensemble
Ivan Buffa – artistic leader, conductor


Alfredo Casella – Pupazzetti, Op. 27c
Heitor Villa-Lobos  – Chôros No. 7, Settimino
Bohuslav Martinů – La revue de cuisine, H. 161
Igor Stravinsky – Septet
Nikolay Peyko – Decimet


Neoclassicism was one of dominating trends in the 20th-century art. A strong stimulus for its origination was the joy of life and renewed trust in the powers of mankind following the termination of the First World War. A flexible chamber ensemble appeared as a popular medium of expression. The figure of Igor Stravinsky blessed with exceptional talent became the symbol of unification. His stylistic impulses – in addition to Parisian surroundings – aroused the reactions of the Italian neoclassicism (Casella), of neofolklorists experimenting with irregular metre and modality of Czech (Martinů) or Latin-American (Villa-Lobos) provenance, as well as of Soviet composers enclosed in “Zhdanov’s cage”. Nikolay Peyko was one of them; his Decimet was written in the year of Stravinsky’s death in 1971.



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