Chamber Music Concert

Saturday 6th October 2018, 4:00 PM
Slovak Philharmonic Small Hall

Chamber Music Concert


Zuzana Biščáková / Jordana Palovičová – piano


Eugen Suchoň – Rhapsodic Suite Op. 20 ESD 87b. for two pianos
Olivier Messiaen – Visions de l´Amen, for two pianos


This year we commemorate the 110th anniversary of the birth of two significant composers of the 20th century, Olivier Messiaen and Eugen Suchoň. In addition to some until now only rarely mentioned creative parallels, what connects these composers is their interest in theoretical substantiation of the creative processes of their own work. Suchoň labelled his Rhapsodic Suite (1965) as one of his most courageous compositions. In a version for two pianos the Suite will sound at the BMF for the first time in public. Messiaen’s piece Visions of the Amen was written during the German occupation of Paris. The more vigorously the symbols of faith resonate in it, woven into 7 musical visions of enormous power.



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