Evening of Vocal Music

Saturday 26th November 2016, 4:00 PM
Small Hall of the Slovak Philharmonic

Evening of Vocal Music


Helena Becse Szabó – soprano
Eva Šušková
Pavol Kubáň
– baritone
Jordana Palovičová
– piano
Peter Pažický
– pianoRok Slovenskej hudby


Songs by Slovak Composers
Ján Móry, Štefan Németh-Šamorínsky, Ladislav Stanček

Admission:  12 €     Tickets

While the songs by Štefan Németh-Šamorínsky (1896–1975) are not unknown to music lovers, pieces by Ján Móry and Ladislav Stanček are staged only exceptionally. Ján Móry (1892–1978) wrote operettas, orchestral pieces, choirs and 10 song cycles. The Prievidza native Ladislav Stanček (1898–1979) dedicated himself to melodrama, not frequent in Slovakia, and apart from his rich oeuvre in the domain of symphonic and chamber music his composer’s estate lists also 13 opuses dedicated to voice and piano.