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Also sprach Zarathustra – complete video in standard quality

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Opening Concert of BMF 2012, excerpt in Full HD

Opening Concert of BMF 2012
Friday, 28th September 2012, 7.30 p.m.

Slovak Philharmonic / Emmanuel Villaume
Richard StraussAlso sprach Zarathustra, tone poem, Op. 30 (excerpt)

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Poster BMF 2012

Stanislav Harangozó: Nokturno (detail), 2012


48th year, Bratislava, 28th September 2012 – 14th October 2012

Main organizer – Slovak Philharmonic as delegated by and with financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic. The festival is held under the patronage of Ivan Gašparovič, the President of the Slovak Republic. Honorary President of the BMF – Edita Gruberova.

BHS – member of the EFA.

President Gašparovič Address – 2012

Dear visitors of the Bratislava Music Festival, esteemed lovers of good music,

we have already got accustomed that autumn in our city is filled with sounds of classical music. Each year of Bratislava Music Festival is special in some way and brings unforgettable experiences for all those, who visit any of the numerous concerts. This year the music public will be interested not only in composers, conductors or musicians; the unique atmosphere will be underlined also by the renovated Reduta building. We may say, the building will be starring and will create a respectable frame for the concerts of the 48th BMF, twenty-six of them, with musicians from more than twenty countries of Europe, North and South Americas, Asia as well as distant Australia. Again an extraordinarily rich offer of renowned names and first-rate musical ensembles, e. g. Vienna Philharmonic with excellent Italian conductor Daniele Gatti, Czech Philharmonic with its new music director Jiří Bělohlávek, Budapest Festival Orchestra led by István Fischer, two excellent orchestras from England, Hamburg Philharmonic and Spanish National Orchestra. Do not forget Prague Radio Symphonic Orchestra under the baton of its present chief conductor Ondrej Lenárd – internationally respected Slovak personality celebrating a personal jubilee this year.

Besides being a genuine feast of music Bratislava Music Festival provides also for a positive confrontation and collaboration of artists from different countries. Thus Slovak Philharmonic will open the festival with its French music director Emmanuel Villaume and American violinist Sarah Chang. The closing concert will belong to Lebanese conductor living in Paris George Pehlivanian and excellent South Korean pianist Kun-Woo Paik; such examples as well as excellent experiences will occur in profusion. We will hear premieres, solo recitals, and a piece commissioned by the Festival Committee, this time from young Slovak composer Peter Groll. Musicians from Košice and Banská Bystrica will prove themselves, and the International Rostrum of Young Performers – New Talent has already become a respected tradition.

I believe that any music lover would choose from the rich programme one or more concerts and return home filled by impressions of amazing music. At the same time I hope that all participants as well as visitors, both domestic ones and from abroad, will feel deeply the excellent atmosphere brought by the festival, this year accentuated by the spaces of meticulously reconstructed and attractively re-created Reduta building.

I wish to all of you many gorgeous experiences

Ivan Gašparovič,
President of the Slovak Republic

Vladimír Godár Address – 2012

According to an American psychiatrist of Canadian origin Eric Berne social time structuring is one of means helping to protect man’s own mental health. A person who is the exclusive master of his/her own time and only he/she decides how to pass it, can avoid mental disorders only with difficulties. A human being lives in harmony with the time of nature which connects him/ her to the universe. He/she also lives in compliance with the time of the society that connects him/her with other people. The most ancient religions distinguished not only the time of the calendar, but also the time filled by meaning. They divided a year into working days and semantic days dedicated to common activities. The working time and the feast time alternate in human life. Without this rhythm the human life would be unbearable.

Once, a long time ago, some wise man joined the feast time with music. It happened not only in Europe, but in all human cultures. The feast time is a unique integrator of the society and music belongs to its most significant aides.

Our Bratislava Music Festival has been filling our lives with the music feast time for five decades. It brings a necessary suspension, a contrast in time character into our life, and enables us to accept music works which attract and command our attention. Musical works of composers performed by musicians lead our consciousness into well-known as well as less known worlds. The magic of music time is a feast time and musicians enable us, at least for a moment, to become its inseparable component.

Vladimír Godár


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